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Bottle of PrEP pills

United Kingdom

The Law

The UK allows for personal importation of 3 months supply of PrEP from online suppliers.  Other than by a limited place trials it is not currently available generally through NHS.  "PrEPARED" has unlimited places for residents of Wales  PrEP is available from clinics in Scotland

Is a Prescription Needed

A prescription is not needed to get your PrEP order through UK Customs.  It is a very good idea to get HIV, STI and kidney function tests before you start and on a 3 month basis after.  See Prescribing Doctors to find a GP or clinic that is PrEP-aware and will advise you.  

How to get PrEP

There are two ways to get PrEP in the UK.  You can join a trial or you an personally import PrEP by buying it online. 


The "Impact" trial with 10,000 places has started in the UK as of 11/10/2017.  You can register at participating clinics to join.  Reports are that demand is high so if you miss out on a place or your local clinic is yet to start in the scheme then you are still able to personally import PrEP buy buying online and have it delivered.

More information on the trial is at their web page:

Personal Importation (buy overseas and have delivered)

This method is legal and available to all of the UK.  The cost is currently lower than £65 GBP ($85.15 USD) for a 3 month supply (90 pills) delivered to your door.  The UK does not require a prescription for this method though it is important that you check you are not HIV positive when you start.  Its recommended you do 3 monthly tests for HIV, STI and Kidney function with a trusted, PrEP aware doctor or clinic.

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